Q: What types of insurance claims do you handle?

A: David Morse & Associates is a multiline adjusting firm specializing in property and casualty claims handling, including:

We have a separate division called DMA Investigations that provides the following:

Q: How do I report or assign a claim?

A: There are five ways you may assign a claim, whichever works best for you: (1) go to the claims assignment page, click on the category of claim, and fill out the form; (2) email the assignment to assignments@davidmorse.com; (3) fax the assignment to 866-742-6989; (4) phone the assignment to 800-649-7602, or (5) mail the assignment to David Morse & Associates, PO Box 26004, Glendale, CA 91222-6004.

Q: For what areas of the country do you provide adjusting and investigations services?

A: We have over 98 service locations in 43 states. Go to Find a Branch to see which geographical areas we service.

Q: Where can I get phone or fax numbers for the various David Morse & Associates offices?

A: Click here for phone and fax numbers for the offices.

Q: How long has your company been around?

A: David Morse & Associates was founded in Los Angeles in 1979.

Q: Who are some of your clients?

A: Please contact us for a list of references related to your specific needs.

Q: What do your claims adjusting services cost?

A: Costs vary according to the type of claim and skill level of adjuster required. You will find our fees to be competitive in all situations. For an exact price list, bid or proposal, please fill out this form or contact us at 800-649-7602, or fax 866-742-6989, or assignments@davidmorse.com.

Q: How does one subscribe to your claims newsletter?

A: Go to our newsletter registration page here.

Q: Who would I contact to apply for employment?

A: Send an email to jobs@davidmorse.com.

Q: I am from the media. Who would I contact for interviews or more information on David Morse & Associates?

A: Contact Chris Marchant at (323) 342-6827 or cmarchant@davidmorse.com.

Q: What's the latest news on your company?

A: Go to our news section which contains our latest press releases and press coverage.

Q: I want a copy of the white paper "The 7 Virtues of a Great Independent Adjuster." How do I get it?

A: Go here.

Q: How do I contact your company?

A: For contact information click here.