Catastrophe Services We can't control the weather, but we can dispatch experienced field adjusters in any part of the country quickly to help with the recovery.

DMA Catastrophe Claims Services are here to help you handle the situation, even in the most devastating times.

Catastrophes often represent about 25 percent of an insurance carrier's loss portfolio. So when a storm hits, our clients need to receive instant on-site response, regardless of the location or the weather conditions. We understand your needs.

These advantages allow us to provide a response plan that fits your circumstances:

Disasters will continue to occur. We can't prevent that, but we can provide excellent service to your insureds and help speed their return to a safe, repaired home and lifestyle.

We are happy to become your primary Catastrophe Claims Services provider, or to handle 'Overflow' once you hit capacity with your primary CAT vendor(s).

Our CAT phone is 866-817-0888

You an inquire further by emailing