Personal Lines The claims administration division of DMA has been built, staffed, and is intensively managed with the purpose of accomplishing optimum indemnity results for its clients.

Personal Auto

For private passenger auto books of business, we focus first and foremost on material damage and preventing leakage, while also closely controlling the bodily injury claims. For high-exposure books, we focus on thorough and timely investigation to protect the interests of our principal. All programs are managed by:

Leakage in Material Damage: DMA addresses the challenges of Material Damage utilizing specialized units to control each of the primary points of leakage. How these key points of leakage are controlled can significantly influence the financial performance of an auto program. They include:

Desk Review: The first of these specialized units is the Material Damage Desk Review Unit. All appraisals and all estimates go directly to this unit - not to the Claims Rep. The shop-experienced personnel in this unit review each estimate line by line, and compare it to the material damage guidelines established by the client. This unit works with the shop to get the estimate right, and only then is the estimate forwarded to the Claims Rep.

Rental Days: DMA tracks average rental days for the program, for each claims unit, and right down to each individual Claims Rep. When weekly review of this and other metrics reveals a departure from the established benchmarks, we know exactly where the departure occurred. We then work with the Claims Reps whose numbers have worsened, find out the cause and correct it. This system catches problems long before they impact the loss ratio.

Total Loss: Our Total Loss Unit, run by experienced negotiators who also know the ins and outs of DMV title paperwork, eliminates leakage. The unit specializes in making immediate contact, moving the salvage at once to stop advance charges, making a settlement offer within 48 hours, settling the claim, obtaining the title documents in a matter of days and relaying them immediately to the salvor so the vehicle can be sold. This unit also provides this service to clients who only outsource total losses to DMA. Click here for more information on Total Loss Express, our unbundled total loss service.

Subrogation: Claims units, TPA or staff, that leave subrogation in the hands of the front-line Claims Rep will leave potential recoveries in the files. Front-line Reps cannot produce an acceptable level of recovery while carrying a full caseload. Our Subrogation specialists handle only subrogation recovery. They review ALL files and do not leave it to the adjuster to determine if there is subrogation potential. All potential recovery is aggressively pursued, resulting in numbers higher than industry standards. Our Subrogation Unit also provides service to clients who outsource only this part of the claims process. Click here for more information on this unbundled service.

Bodily Injury: The key factor in controlling BI indemnity is speed of contact with claimant or insured. DMA's rapid contact systems and the constant attention to this factor, along with the experience of our team in handling BI claims to conclusion, controls this element of indemnity.

Litigation Management: Inevitably some claims will go to litigation. DMA can provide their own network of flat rate defense firms, or work with your panel of attorneys to manage litigation calendars and billings. DMA uses experienced litigation managers to handle claims on which lawsuits have been filed.

Residential Property

DMAís property claims administration business is headquartered in Weston, FL. The fact that we have over 60 field service locations across the country, with adjusters experienced in handling residential property claims in each of those locations, enables DMA to handle all aspects of a property book from administration to climbing up on the insuredís roof to inspect and estimate the damage.

Knowledge of the policy and all possible coverage issues is vital in residential property. We emphasize policy knowledge with our property Reps and field adjusters, and if a client uses custom forms we ensure these are well known by all concerned.

In addition to policy knowledge, we focus on speed of service. Typically an insured who has sustained a property loss needs and expects a quick response from their carrier, and fast settlement of the claim. We work hard to make the experience a positive one for the policyholder.

DMA also has a Catastrophe division, and can provide resources for CAT claims year round. Whether the loss is routine or as the result of a catastrophic event, we can help you provide fast and fair service to your insureds so they get their claims settled and their lives back together as rapidly as possible.


Special Investigations Unit (SIU): Fraud is a fact of life in all lines of insurance. The absence of a workable system to detect and document fraud can kill a program. DMA's SIU is headed by an investigator with decades of experience. This unit operates as the Designated SIU for several national carriers (references available upon request) and is familiar with DOI requirements. Cases referred for prosecution over the years have resulted in excellent relationships with law enforcement. Our SIU has access to experienced investigators in DMAís field offices around the country; in locations outside our own service areas we utilize a network of investigators with proven results. Click here for more information on DMA's SIU services.

IT Department: Reporting requirements demand a flexible system that can capture virtually any aspect of a claim and generate reports. DMA uses FileHandler by JW Software, a web-enabled system that provides secure remote access to claims data via your web browser. For more details, click here. We have staffed our IT Department with five full-time IT specialists to fulfill the reporting and connectivity needs of our clients.

Quality Control: Continuous self-review of randomly selected files forms the base of the most thorough quality control program in the business. Claims performance is examined by subjecting files to a series of tests related to whether benchmarks were achieved. The results are compiled by adjuster, by unit and by regional claims center. These audits pinpoint the areas exceeding expectation, meeting expectation and falling short of required performance. Quality Control reviews validate what works and permit immediate intervention where needed. Our audit results are shared with clients, and we also welcome client audits where these are desired.

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