Volume 3, Issue 7  
State Farm Pays $109 Million for Dog Bite Claims

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Dog bites man does not get a lot of attention in the news, but it costs insurance companies hundreds of millions in claims every year.

State Farm Insurance, one of the nation's largest home insurers, paid more than $109 million on about 3,800 dog bite claims nationwide last year, spokesman Eddie Martinez said Wednesday. In 2010, there were about 3,500 claims and $90 million in payouts.

The Insurance Information Institute estimated that nearly $479 million in dog bite claims were paid by all insurance companies in 2011, spokeswoman Loretta Worters said. In 2010, it was $413 million.

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Florida’s Sinkhole Statute Continues to Evolve
By: Denise Johnson | Source: Claims Journal
“The head has been cut off the sinkhole monster,” said Curtis Hutchens, an in-house attorney for Florida’s Citizen’s Property Insurance Corp.

According to Hutchens, the new sinkhole statute (627.706) that went into effect on May 17, 2011 continues to evolve. That’s good news for adjusters, since the statute provides new rules that assist in sinkhole claims handling.

“The statute has given the industry tools to aggressively, fairly and reasonably settle sinkhole claims,” Hutchens said during a session on the topic held recently during the Property Loss Research Bureau (PLRB) national conference in Orlando, Fla.

Hutchens defined a sinkhole as a land form created by subsidence when ground water dissolves limestone. He said that while there are all kinds of earth movement that can result in damage that is not a sinkhole; it is a major issue for Florida, which is made up entirely of limestone.

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Coverage for Paranormal Activity? It Depends on the Specifics
Source: Insurance Journal
One of the biggest stories in Toms River, N.J., in recent weeks involved an alleged haunted house in the neighborhood.

According to local reports, Michele Callan and her fiance Josue Chinchilla had moved into a home in Toms River in March and soon began to experience a range of paranormal activities.

As a news report from ABC News shows, the distressed couple allegedly endured living room lights that turn on by themselves, a vase that falls over when no one is watching, a feeling of being tapped on the shoulder when no one is around, and a raspy voice that whispers, “Let it burn.”

The couple have since moved out and sued the landlord, claiming they could no longer endure the ghostly activities in the house and want to recoup the deposit. The landlord, in turn, counter-sued the couple, saying the lawsuit will frighten away new tenants or buyers and hurt the house’s value.

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Nowadays, almost every claims professional has a smartphone. Of course, their smartphone is with them at all times, and is not subject to the same restrictions as their company computer. With that in mind, we have compiled our list of favorite smartphone apps for the claims professional.

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Xactware reports on David Morse & Associates

YoutubeIn the property claim arena, there is no question that "speed thrills" and that the faster a claim is inspected, estimated and settled, the happier the insured.  

Xactware has just produced a video with the focus on David Morse & Associates, demonstrating the speed with which DMA adjusters handle claims versus industry average, as measured through Xactanalysis.

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