Claims Overload Most claims operations have periodic overflow situations, whether due to seasonal variation in claims frequency, personnel situations or other factors.

Claims temps are probably the most commonly employed solution. But there are problems associated with their use. It takes time to train them and get them up to speed, often there are problems after they leave with files improperly handled or prematurely closed, and many times they don’t care about the quality of the work they do since they’re temporary.

David Morse & Associates' Claims Overflow Service is an excellent alternative to using claims temps. Pricing is on a flat fee per feature basis and the service is designed to be cost-effective compared to using temps.

There are a number of other advantages to using this service:

We offer extensive use of technology and best practices driven by metrics and benchmarks to produce the cycle times and customer satisfaction you need. Our network of providers affords similar technical and service advantages.

Once you see what we can do for you during peak periods, you may wish to design your claims department with a low, fixed payroll cost, and convert all above-average claims volume into a variable expense. Outsource only those claims in excess of a capacity defined by your fixed payroll. With our per-feature pricing so close to your internal costs, this strategy may prove significant in the effort to control overall LAE.

DMA's overload services offer the following benefits:

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Free White Paper: The Real Cost of Claims Temps

DMA's white paper, The Real Cost of Claims Temps, lays bare the facts on all the costs of hiring temps, including unseen or not so obvious costs.

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