Specialty Claims Handling Services DMA Claims Services offers several types of specialty claims services that can help claims departments.

Total Loss Express: Our Total Loss Unit, composed of experienced negotiators who know the ins and outs of DMV title paperwork, eliminates leakage. The unit specializes in making immediate contact, moving the salvage at once to stop the advance charges, making a settlement offer within 48 hours, settling the claim, obtaining the title documents in a matter of days and immediately relaying this to the salvor so the vehicle can be sold. Click here for more information on Total Loss Express, our unbundled total loss service.

Subrogation: Claims units that leave subrogation in the hands of the front line Claims Rep will leave potential recoveries in the files. Front line Reps cannot produce an optimum level of recovery while carrying a full caseload. Our Subrogation specialists handle only recovery. They review ALL files and do not leave it to the Rep to determine if there is subrogation potential. All potential recovery is aggressively pursued, resulting in numbers consistently higher than industry standards. Click here for more information on our Subrogation services.

Claims Overload Service: Temps are not the only or best solution for dealing with excess volume or personnel shortages. They increase expense, require training, give management headaches and increase indemnity costs.

DMA Claims Services can take the claims that are beyond your own staff’s capacity and handle them "cradle to grave." We will design our service to fit your internal processes and individual needs. In most cases our per-feature pricing will be very close to your internal cost per claim, and significantly less than the cost of using temps. Click here for more information on our Claims Overload services.

Appraisal Network: The Material Damage division of DMA Claims Services provides appraisal services as well as desk review in many states. Click here for more information. Click here to assign an appraisal online.