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DMA Claims Services has created several free informational white papers on claims administration and the insurance industry. Fill out the form below and select the white papers you would like to get and we will email the electronic copy of the paper.

The 10 Biggest Holes in Your Indemnity Bucket: Is your TPA wrecking your loss results? Find out what the 10 biggest holes are that could be leaking money from your indemnity bucket, and what you can do about it.

Who (Almost) Murdered the Program? Was it Miss Scarlet in the kitchen with the knife? Was it the underwriter in the study with the pen? Was it Mr. Green in the library with the lead pipe? Was it the carrier in the office with the lack of capacity?

This fascinating and entertaining look at the program business industry was originally published in Insurance Journal.

Managing Your TPA: This white paper gives the lowdown on how to get the best level of service out of your TPA. We have specialized versions of the paper for MGAs, risk professionals and insurance company executives