Welcome to DMA. We provide Property and Casualty field adjusting services in more than 40 states. We offer claims administration and related services as well (click here for TPA information).  DMA at a glance:

      • Established in Los Angeles in 1979. DMA headquarters remain in LA.
      • Privately owned adjusting firm providing service in more than 40 states.
      • More service locations in California than any other provider.
      • Commercial Liability and Property adjusting services.
      • Trucking claim services including emergency, go-to-the-scene response.
      • Personal Lines Property
      • Personal Lines Liability
      • P&C SIU Investigations including surveillance
      • Mediations, Mandatory Settlement Conferences, Small Claims Court

test While we make use of all that the internet and claims systems have to offer, we are “old school” in one regard – service. Call us and a human picks up the phone. Need a report tracked down or a document or an immediate response, there is a human to get you what you need. Living, breathing humans continuously check with clients whose files have closed to be sure they are satisfied with the results. And in the rare instance that we uncover a problem, we make it right. And quickly.