Homeowners Property

In no line of business is speed more important than in handling Homeowners claims. The speed of the field adjuster determines the speed of settlement, and the policyholder’s life returning to normal. This in turn impacts positive word of mouth and renewals.

DMA is fast, very fast. But everyone says that. Ask for their metrics for the assignments they handled via XactAnalysis, a claims program renowned for its precise metrics. Any IA handling claims via XactAnalysis can provide their metrics.

DMA presents its recent metrics here (2019) and here (2020). We compare our speed of contact, inspection and first report/estimate to the industry average.

Xactware was interested in how DMA utilized XactAnalysis to improve its performance. The video of their interview with DMA personnel and its founder can be seen by clicking on the image to the right.

DMA is proud to count among its largest clients companies that regularly appear at the top of the JD Powers customer satisfaction survey regarding Homeowners insurance.