What types of insurance claims do you handle?

As Independent Adjusters we handle:

  • Commercial Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Trucking Liability (including Third Party Property)
  • Personal Lines Auto
  • Homeowners (First and Third Party claims)
  • MSC, Mediation and Small Claims Court Attendance

As Investigators we handle:

  • SIU Investigations, training, planning, audits and DOI reporting
  • Surveillance
  • Social Media Investigations
  • AOE/COE (Compensability) Investigations
  • Litigation Support – locates, service of process
  • Activity Checks
  • Disability Investigations
  • Life Claim Investigations
  • Designated SIU Services
  • Continuing Education Services including California MCLE

How do I report or assign a claim?

Go to the Assign a Claim page, click on the category of claim that you have, and fill out the form. Or call/fax or email us as instructed on this page. You will receive an acknowledgement that the assignment has been received and is being carried out. If you requested a call back to discuss the case, the Adjuster or Investigator assigned will call you.

In what areas of the country do you provide claims services?

We have over service locations in more than 40 states and are growing. Go to the Find a Branch page on this site to see our current service locations.

Where can I get phone or fax numbers for the various DMA offices?

A: Phone us at 800.649.7602, fax us at 866.742.6989, or email us at email@dmaclaims.com

How long has your company been in business?

DMA Claims Services was founded in 1979.

Who are some of your clients?

Please contact us for a list of references related to your specific needs.

What do your claims adjusting services cost?

Costs vary according to the type of assignment and skill level of investigator required. Please contact us for further information on your specific needs.

How does one subscribe to your claims newsletter?

Go to our newsletter registration page here.

Who would I contact for employment?

Send an e-mail to jobs@dmaclaims.com and include a resume outlining your experience in claims adjusting and/or investigations.

I have a problem with a claim. Who can I contact?

Contact Evelyn Gallegos, Director of Client Services, at 323-275-2142 or by email at egallegos@davidmorse.com.

How do I contact your company?

Please go to the Contact Us page on this site (click here).