Social Media Investigations

(When your subject does not want to be found)

Background and social media investigations have many uses. They can be key tools in preparing a case for trial. They can help determine the best subjects for surveillance investigations, and then guide the surveillance investigator so his time is use efficiently.

Expert use of these tools helps avoid “sitting” on inactive subjects, location mixups, and other time wasters. David Morse & Associates offers expert background and social media investigations at flat rate and hourly fee schedules:

Social Media Investigation with General Background Check:

This is a general online background investigation of public records, as well as an in-depth investigation of internet and social media sources. We search all the major social media outlets for available information concerning the background and activities of the person.

Specialized Background & Social Media Investigation:

This intensive investigation is perfect for preparing a case for trial. Also for those subjects operating under false names or trying to live “off the grid.”

Basic Asset Check
Basic Skip Trace/Locate
Advance Skip Trace/Locate