Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is one of the biggest problems facing the insurance industry today. It is estimated that between 10% and 33% of all insurance claims contain some element or degree of fraud. Each year fraud costs the insurance industry $96 billion. In the Property and Casualty industry alone, insurance fraud costs are more than $23 billion.

There are indications that fraud rings tend to attack insurance companies or programs that lack sufficient safeguards to detect, document and deny fraudulent claims.

Despite the vast scope of this problem, the majority of all fraudulent cases are generated by a relatively small percentage of the population. Awareness of the identities of the main perpetrators and how their operations work makes it possible to detect the fraudulent claims. Everyone benefits when insurance fraud is effectively fought – lower incurred costs for insurance companies, and lower insurance premiums for policyholders. An experienced Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is the tool to bring those benefits about.

DMA SIU Services

David Morse & Associates has had its own Special Investigations Unit for over 20 years. We offer the full line of SIU services ranging from complete SIU programs to individual task assignments.

siu-quoteMany states require carriers to maintain fraud identification and training programs, while other states are considering such regulations. David Morse & Associates is the Designated SIU for a number of insurance carriers. As such, we provide everything necessary for these carriers to be in compliance with state insurance requirements that concern having an established, functioning SIU.

DMA also provides experienced investigators for any individual SIU task assignment, such as taking a statement, conducting surveillance, or the like. Whatever it is that you require, we can tailor our services to suit your individual needs.
Some of the services we offer are:

  • Obtaining statements from an SIU perspective for cases dealing with motor vehicle claims, slip and falls, thefts, General Liability claims of all kinds, Homeowners and other property losses, and Workers Compensation and Disability claims.
  • Surveillance and activity checks
  • Social Media investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Medical clinic inspections
  • Locating witnesses and other persons of interest
  • Photography from an SIU perspective (autos, loss locations, etc.)
  • Preparing cases for criminal prosecution
  • Training on insurance fraud detection
  • Assistance with state insurance regulations compliance forms

Fraud Training

DMA provides fraud awareness training sessions for carrier personnel. The sessions are conducted by experienced DMA SIU personnel and many are approved for Continuing Education, allowing claims personnel to obtain the ongoing education credits they need to maintain their licenses.

DMA’s SIU Specializes in Getting Film

Our experienced investigators won’t waste your time sitting on inactive subjects, filming the wrong person, losing subjects in traffic, and so on. We specialize in getting film. If the subject is inactive, our investigator will be in touch by cell phone to adjust the strategy. No matter what is happening with the investigation, you will receive regular feedback.

A Commitment to Quality

DMA is completely committed to delivering the highest quality Special Investigations Unit services. All outgoing reports are personally reviewed by the SIU Director before they are sent to our clients.