Mandatory Settlement Conferences, Mediations and Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court | Small Claims Mediation

David Morse & Associates has decades of experience representing carriers at Mandatory Settlement Conferences and mediations and in assisting their insureds in Small Claims Court.

Whether you just need a representative at the table, or an adjuster knowledgeable in complex coverage issues, we can provide assistance. The adjuster appropriate to your case and needs will be selected. All adjusters handling MSCs and mediations understand the importance of a timely settlement and will follow your instructions and settlement authority exactly.

For Small Claims Court, DMA’s adjuster will meet with the insured in advance to help them prepare and put them at ease in unfamiliar surroundings. An example from Los Angeles:

“Nervousness and an inclination to faint are the most common reactions of insureds finding themselves in Small Claims Court. This can generate an attempt to introduce all kinds of extraneous and unnecessary information in a setting where speed and clarity are highly desired attributes. One of the more amusing examples was an insured who was the middle car in a double rear-end collision being sued by the person who had hit him for stopping unnecessarily. He arrived at the courthouse on the verge of hyperventilating, determined to present his military record, letters from officials at his church and other materials he had assembled attesting to his good character. I calmed him, ran him through how the process would work and most importantly got him to remove a quarter inch stack of unneeded testimonials, leaving only the police report which had all the information required to throw this suit out. If an insured’s relief and gratitude for assistance count for anything at policy renewal time, this man is a lifetime customer.”

– DMA Adjuster, Los Angeles Office

If you can’t be there yourself, but need reliable representation, call David Morse & Associates.