Total Loss Express

When existing processes or manpower shortages leave total losses in the hands of a front line adjuster, leakage in the form of storage and car rental charges is bound to ensue. Not to mention the gnashing of teeth on the part of claims reps who absolutely hate dealing with this portion of the claim.

No specialized Total Loss unit in your office? Let us help you with that.

DMA’s Total Loss Express is a dedicated unit, staffed by experienced negotiators focused on expedited cycle times and great customer service. These personnel handle only total losses, using consistent processes that are specifically designed to handle the claims rapidly and achieve the best possible financial outcome.

We will customize a process that fits your needs exactly. This can include a complete salvage management solution that dramatically reduces the cycle time of selling a vehicle, while optimizing the financial return on your assets. We specialize in the creation of efficient, tailored solutions.

Benefits of using Total Loss Express include:

  • Metrics driven results
  • Reduced contact times
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Reduced advance charges and other leakage
  • Weekly/monthly metrics and production reports
  • Flat rate pricing for LAE control