Overflow Claims Solution

This service is taking the industry by storm. Moving overflow claims to DMA eliminates the need to hire temporary adjusters, while allowing you to maintain consistent service levels. We take new and pending claim transfers, both small and large, some transfers as large as 3,000 at a time.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Cradle to grave claims handling
  • Cost efficient short and long term staffing solution allowing you to staff only fully justified positions
  • Eliminates hiring of temporary staff to run off pending due to turnover
  • More effective claims handling, customer service, and financial end results than temporary staff typically are able to provide
  • Provides full management oversight to relieve our clients from the need to manage the day to day claim handling
  • An effective solution in times of falling claim volume
  • One time training
  • Nationwide expertise
  • Pay for results, not time


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Email: Marketing@dmaclaims.com