Transient Claims

Insureds will occasionally drive their cars into states in which you do not write insurance or adjust claims. Sometimes an insured will have an accident there, and a local adjuster has to be hired by the inside claims rep to settle the claim. Not every claims rep knows reputable independent adjusters in every state. This can be a recipe for:

  • Excessive billing from the local IA
  • Mishandled liability and coverage issues
  • Excessive settlements
  • Insureds unhappy with the service they received from the local IA
  • Missed or ignored red flag fraud indicators

There is a better way – use DMA. We are licensed in every state and work in your claims system to facilitate rapid handling of the claim. We know the claims landscape in each state and where the landmines are located.

The benefits of using DMA for your claims outside the states in which you are licensed to adjust include:

  • Flat rate pricing for desk services, billed upon closing (unlike the invoices you receive from Till It Hurts Adjusting Service).
  • Where field services are needed (not often), these are reasonably priced.
  • Knowledge of average PD and BI indemnity in the state concerned, with our results generally matching these averages.
  • Happy insureds who feel they have been cared for.